Suddenly realising you’ve put it on video mode and not picture mode…

Also, people of this fine world, save yourself 100 minutes of your time and NEVER watch After Earth. I think a cat could have played the role of Kitai better than Jaden Smith. I actually came out that cinema angry. 

One more week in office and then back to London for training. Which basically means waking up nice and early (I actually enjoy it going to London), then sitting on the train, judging every person I see, and looking at the beautiful Kent countryside passing me by. God I love my job. 

Old Times

I got texted today by a good old friend of mine (You know who you are, so, hello!) and once I got home, I got into a really nostalgic mood and just started flicking through all my photos on Facebook from the past 4 years or so. I know 4 years doesn’t sound like much, but looking at those 4 years in the space of an hour, I can tell it was a hell of a lot. 
So so much has happened in those years, friendships formed, friendships lost, and I’m sure friendships to be reignited for the future, I’ve had a couple of relationships as well, which I will always be proud of. A couple doesn’t sound like a lot to many people, but trust me, to me that was just enough. Would I have done things differently? OF COURSE. And anyone who says they wouldn’t is lying. You leave friendships/relationships on bad terms, and while 99%(or 100%) of the time it’s my own fault, you still wish you could just say ‘sorry’ and for it to mean something. 
On the other hand, you can say that what I have done has made me into who I am today, and that is definitely someone I’m proud of. I’m nothing special in this world of 7 billion souls, but I’m special to a few people, one in particular, and that makes me feel awfully content with myself. 
These 4 years have been the most entertaining of my life, by a mile, and there’s no way I’m going to let it slow down just yet. Roll on the Summer months when everyone from Uni is back, in some cases permanently, and I just want to go out and enjoy my time with good friends all over again.

You all make me live, you all make my life, and most importantly, you all make me feel. Thank you. 

15 Years ago, I had just been told I had Type 1 Diabetes. My parents cushioned the blow of this by getting me a Playstation, and from the few games I got with it, one stood out above the crowd. This game was Gran Turismo. I had no idea about cars then, no interest whatsoever, but this game changed all that. I may not of been the best at that age, but my god did I have fun. Hearing the old soundtrack on YouTube really takes me back all them years where you’d find me sitting in the living room, glued to these polygons and pixels whizzing around on the screen.

The next chapter in GT is going to be released at the end of this year, and I just can’t wait for that day when I can start the whole journey of a new GT again.